Brilliant, Comprehensive and Practical

by Alan S. Gassman

This essential book covers, not only the new law, but a great many practical aspects and strategies that advisors and their clients need to be aware of.

"Estate Planning, Under the 2017 Tax reconciliation Act," is one heck of a brilliant, comprehensive and practical road map that is sorely needed.

Any book that Jonathan Blattmachr and Martin Shenkman writes should be required reading for all estate and income tax planners—and any book they write together is 5 times as important. Thanks so much to Jonathan, Marty and Joy for their dedication to helping others in all they do.

Alan S. Gassman is the founder of the Clearwater, Florida law firm of Gassman, Crotty and Denicolo, P.A., which focuses on the representation of high net worth families, physicians and business owners, and their companies in estate planning, taxation, and business and personal asset structuring.

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